I know what it’s like to sit by the phone and hope that it will ring, to sit on the porch steps and hope that they will stop by. I also know what it’s like to be proposed to, purchase a marriage license, and then have it ripped up in my face! The pain and the heart-ache I’ve endured on my mission to find every lasting love was brutal to say the least. I am now in a place where I thank God that none of the relationships that I cried, prayed and begged Him to fix worked out. One way He used all those things to work out for the good is that I now know enough information to help and assist others not to make the same mistakes.

Have you had to walk away from someone and it cut you to the core?


2 comments on “I Want Them Back

  1. Lady J on said:

    Boy-oh-boy do I know this pain. Although I may not see in every situation where I was saved from something I do trust that God has His reason for removing me from each relationship and I did learn something from each experience. I feel it is all a part of the growth process. Preparing me for the right one.

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