cheating-husband-listings-020310If you have ever been cheated on by a lover I’m sure the question of “What did I do wrong?” may have crossed your mind. But I always thought that I was the problem. Each and every time,  by each and every guy, I thought that I simply wasn’t enough. Here is a list of things you consider and go over in your mind so that even if you were less than perfect (which we all are) you need not OWN the cheat. When a person does you wrong, THEY ARE WRONG!


1) Don’t tell everyone.

2) Don’t blame yourself.

3) Don’t keep searching for answers as to why.

4)Walk away if you truly can’t let it go.

5) Don’t allow it to change you for the worse.

6) Don’t give up on love or being in a committed relationship.

7) Pay attention to the signs so that in the future you may be aware.

8) Don’t allow peoples opinions to sway your personal decision to stay or go.

9) Don’t be afraid to seek out a counselor if your are having a hard time dealing with it.

10) Read books on healing and healthy relationships so that you don’t carry the pain to your next relationship if you choose to walk away.


Have you ever been cheated on and it felt like the worse thing ever? How did you get over it?


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