When people think of the vows they will take and then the day comes that they actually recite them, I’m still not sure if most of them quite understand what they are promising God and their mate. You see, the better can get as best as it can and they will stay, but, the worse has limits. Now I’m not referring to adultery and violence here, I’m talking about people leaving because they are tired,  weary, or fed up. That’s not how you get to the good part of love, walking out is for quitters. And 9 times out of ten, the only way you can win is to stay by yourself because everyone will have some kind of issue that will get underneath your skin.

a WORSTI’m going to say off the bat that I am PRO Marriage. I’m not trying to discourage anyone that desires to head in that direction. But I want to keep it real and prepare your minds for what it could look like in hopes you don’t run.

So here is a list of…


1) Illness causing your spouse not only to be bed ridden but they can’t have sex either.

2) Lost of your child. This could be a miscarriage or after the child was born and lived for some time.

3) Bankruptcy, lost of job.

4) Fire to the house and your spouse suffered from burns all over changing they way they look completely.

5) A new found addiction to pornography.

6) Emotional affairs.

7) Your spouse can shut down communication and dive into their career.

8) Verbal abuse.

9) Occasional physical abuse. (I do believe this is cause to separate, but not divorce.)

10) Lack of sex drive. If happens to women and men as well for many different reasons.

11) Infertility.

12) Depression.

Of course there are many other things and I could take this list of 12 to 12,000 very easily, but I won’t. My point is, prepare your minds for BETTER and WORST, and know that with God in your marriage you can over come it all! When your mate has already established a relationship with God, that’s a very hopeful thing.

3 Things you can do to PREPARE:

1) Read books about marriage struggles and victories.

2) Find a trusted married couple to mentor you.

3) Pray for wisdom, you’re gonna need it!

Have you seen any “Worse” when it comes to marriage? Please share.



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  1. Lady J on said:

    Drug addiction.

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