When you get married young or when your marriage is brand new, the sexiness seems to be so easy! Not so much after 10 or so years. When they say “Marriage is hard work,” that’s exactly right. Every aspect of it. So I wanted to share a few little things one could incorporate into their lives to get things moving in the right direction…the path to the bedroom!

hands-1)Buy new sexy underwear ever so often, even if you don’t need them!

2) Keep the bed made, even if you are getting back in it in only a few hours. When it looks comfortable, it feels comfortable, and then couples can relax and be free!

3) Change your room around every 9 months or so. You may not be able to get out to different places much, but changing the look and feel of your room can give you the illusion of a new space.

4) Ask your mate how they would like you to change some things and take on the task one day and thing at a time.

5) Give your capable children more chores at certain times of the month so that you can have more energy. (Or hire a maid service once a month.)
6) Try out a new hair style or a wig. Men can grow in their beard or shave their heads bald. Trying something new is the point.

7) Purchase an outfit that isn’t like anything you normally wear and is a color that you never buy. Note: It should look good on you.

8) Plan a monthly romantic date night and always stick to it.couple holding hands

9) Change your normal cologne or perfume and smell brand new!

10) Take some extra time toning up your body, this will always be beneficial!

Do you have any hot ideas that you could share? Please do so!

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